Pastor Moses Wodila.

The Ministry

Welcome to Ebenezer Gospel Ministries in Tororo, Uganda, East Africa. The ministry founded in 2004, is a christian family ministry where you will find rest for your soul after a long search. Ebenezer Gospel Ministries was founded and is under the leadership of Senior Pastors, Moses and Betty Wodila.

This ministry is built on the Lord Jesus Christ as the Foundation. Pastor Moses Wodila is a servant of the God who fears the Lord and is committed to studying and living the word of God. Pastor Moses Wodila is a man who preaches Christ without adding yeast in Him. He is a man who calls a spade a spade and a spoon a spoon. In case you have a yearning for the word of God or desire to understand the word of God, then Ebenezer Gospel Center is the right fellowship for you.

We started in a humble way with one small church in the Town of Tororo and now the Lord has added to us seven other branch churches in different towns of Uganda.

The Ministry was born in a papyrus shelter and now by the grace of our Lord Jesus, we have set up semi permanent building in which we worship. We are also believing God to begin the construction of a completely permanent building soon.